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Chocolate Over Load - Protein Brownies - Sugar Free - High Protein & Low Net Carbs - No Oil - No Flour - No Palm Oil - No Maida. 60g

Net Weight - 60 Grams

Shelf Life - 3 months

 Ingredients :  Cacao Nibs (50%) (Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter), Whey Protein Isolate (25%). FOS ( FIBRE) (25%). Monk Fruit Extract.


Description –

    Introducing our groundbreaking creation: the Organic Cacao Beans Chocolate Overload Brownie. Crafted with care and dedication, each bite is a symphony of flavor and wholesomeness, setting a new standard for indulgent treats. Here's why it's a game-changer:

    1. Homegrown Excellence: We take pride in our commitment to quality, which is why we source only the finest organic cacao beans for our Chocolate Overload Brownie. Grown and processed in-house, these beans are a testament to our dedication to sustainability and excellence.

    2. Pure Indulgence: Our brownie is a celebration of simplicity and purity. Made with just four ingredients—organic cacao beans, Whey Isolate, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), and Monk Fruit—it's a testament to our belief in the power of wholesome ingredients and their ability to create unforgettable flavors.

    3. Flourless Wonder: Bid farewell to empty calories and refined flours. Our brownie is a flourless marvel, crafted without oil, flour, maida, or wheat. It's a nod to our commitment to providing nutritious, nourishing treats that prioritize health without compromising on taste.

    4. Diabetic-Friendly Delight: Indulge without hesitation, even if you're managing your blood sugar levels. Our Chocolate Overload Brownie is diabetic-friendly, with no added sugar and a low glycemic index. It's a guilt-free indulgence that satisfies cravings without the worry of sugar spikes.

    5. Protein Powerhouse: Elevate your snacking experience with a brownie that's not just delicious but also nutritious. Packed with whey isolate, it's a protein powerhouse that supports your active lifestyle and fitness goals, making every bite a step towards a healthier you.

    6. Decadent Delight: Prepare your taste buds for a journey of pure chocolate bliss. Our brownie is an irresistible blend of intense chocolate flavor and fudgy texture, guaranteed to delight even the most discerning palates. It's the ultimate indulgence—a celebration of flavor, purity, and excellence.

    Experience the magic of our Organic Cacao Beans Chocolate Overload Brownie—a delicious treat that's as wholesome as it is decadent. It's time to redefine dessert and indulge in a world of pure chocolate perfection.

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    Chocolate Over Load - Protein Brownies - Sugar Free - High Protein & Low Net Carbs - No Oil - No Flour - No Palm Oil - No Maida. 60g