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Blueberry Cheese Cake - White Chocolate - TruNativ Whey Protein - Sugar Free - 60g

Net Weight - 60 Grams

Shelf Life - 6 months

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Whey protein powder, Erythritol, Blueberry, Wheat flour, Vanilla, Coconut oil, Vanilla pod, Monk fruit

Description –

    Introducing Cheese Cake Chocolate: The Guilt-Free Indulgence You've Been Waiting For!

    Indulge in the creamy decadence of New York-style blueberry cheesecake with our revolutionary Cheese Cake Chocolate bars! Crafted with care and passion, each bite is a symphony of rich flavors that will tantalize your taste buds while keeping your health goals in check.

    What sets Cheese Cake Chocolate apart is its commitment to quality and health-conscious ingredients. Made with real cocoa butter and sweetened with Monk Fruit, this delightful treat is a game-changer for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising on taste or health.

    Here's why Cheese Cake Chocolate is a must-have in your pantry:

    1. Sugar-Free Bliss: Say goodbye to refined sugars! Our chocolate bars are free from white sugar, making them an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing flavor.

    2. Diabetes & PCOS Friendly: With no added sugars and a low glycemic index, Cheese Cake Chocolate is perfect for individuals managing diabetes or PCOS.

    3. Low Net Carbs: Keep your carb count in check with our low-net-carb chocolate bars, allowing you to enjoy a sweet treat without derailing your ketogenic lifestyle.

    4. High Protein: Each bar is packed with protein, making it a satisfying snack option to fuel your day.

    5. No Maltitol or Hidden Sugars: We believe in transparency, which is why our chocolate bars contain no maltitol or hidden sugars. What you see is what you get – pure, guilt-free indulgence.

    6. Lower in Calories: Compared to regular sugar chocolates and cookies, Cheese Cake Chocolate is lower in calories, allowing you to enjoy a delectable treat without the calorie overload.

    7. No Chemicals: We keep it clean and natural. Our chocolate bars are free from artificial additives and chemicals, giving you peace of mind with every bite.

    So, why wait? Dive into the luscious world of Cheese Cake Chocolate and experience guilt-free indulgence like never before. Treat yourself to a moment of bliss with every bite of our decadent bars, and savor the satisfaction of enjoying a delicious treat that loves you back.

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    Blueberry Cheese Cake - White Chocolate - TruNativ Whey Protein - Sugar Free - 60g