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All About Nuts - Vegan Dark Chocolate - Sugar Free - 60g

Net Weight - 60 Grams

Shelf Life - 3 months

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Cocoa Butter, FOS, Hazelnut, Almond, Cashew.

Crafted with care, each piece is a celebration of indulgence, offering a harmonious fusion of intense cocoa and the delightful crunch of hazelnuts. Our Hazelnut, Almond & Cashew Dark Chocolate invites you to experience a moment of pure pleasure, delivering an irresistible combination of richness and nuttiness.

     Our Cacao - The Cacao is air-roasted on a fluid bed proprietary roaster to get the perfect balance of taste and health by not over-roasting the cacao and keeping all the nutrients in the cacao intact. It is stone ground for 3 days.

    Storage Instructions - Re-pack the chocolates after consuming them. Store in a cool & dry environment or the refrigerator.

    ✓ Vegan 
    ✓ Direct Farm to bar chocolate
    ✓ Pure Real Chocolate
    ✓ No Sugar
    ✓ Soy Free & Gluten Free
    ✓ Low Carb

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    All About Nuts - Vegan Dark Chocolate - Sugar Free - 60g