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Mango Cheese Cake - White Chocolate - TruNativ Whey Protein - Sugar Free - 60g

Net Weight - 60 Grams

Shelf Life - 6 months

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Whey protein powder, Erythritol, Wheat flour, Vanilla, Coconut oil, Mango Cheese, Vanilla pod, Monk fruit

Description –

    Introducing our Mango Cheesecake, a majestic dessert fit for royalty, where the luscious sweetness of mango meets the creamy decadence of cheesecake. Here's why it reigns supreme:

    1. Fit for Royalty: As the king of fruits in India, mango brings its regal presence to our cheesecake, elevating it to a status of unparalleled decadence and flavor.

    2. Sugar-Free Splendor: Just like our previous creation, this mango cheesecake is a guilt-free delight. We've artfully sweetened it with monk fruit and erythritol, ensuring you can indulge without any added sugar concerns.

    3. Exotic Mango Infusion: Prepare your palate for a journey through the tropical orchards of India with each sumptuous bite. Our cheesecake is infused with the exotic essence of mango, delivering a burst of sunshine with every forkful.

    4. Creamy Indulgence: Dive into a sea of creamy perfection as you savor each velvety mouthful of our mango-infused cheesecake. Its smooth texture is a testament to the craftsmanship and care we put into every creation.

    5. Sensory Symphony: Let the vibrant hues and aromatic fragrance of mango envelop your senses, transporting you to a world of pure bliss and culinary delight.

    Experience the pinnacle of indulgence with our Mango Cheesecake, where the opulence of mango meets the elegance of cheesecake in a harmony of flavors fit for royalty.

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    Mango Cheese Cake - White Chocolate - TruNativ Whey Protein - Sugar Free - 60g